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Kiteboarding Lessons in Langebaan Lagoon 2016.

Siren Kiteboarding was founded by friends who share a passion for the wind and waves of the world. The Spirit that drives us springs forth from a true love addiction to our extreme sport, and after years of traveling, sharing and experiencing the bliss of a beach based lifestyle & the openness of world wide kiteboarding scene, we have been inspired to leave our own mark and produce a learning and living experience that truly shows what kiteboarding is all about. So don't just sit there... get up and follow the call of the wind and waves...

At Siren Kiteboarding we understand that learning kiteboarding is not just a lesson but one of the most mindblowing experiences to be had.

Out of a positive learning experience our students will be lead into a lifetime of ocean driven fun. All our lessons are given under the IKO standard and all Instructors are fully qualified and have extensive teaching experience in South Africa, and around the world. Our aim is not only to accommodate new kiteboarders but to help shape all kite-boarders to move on to the next stage of their natural evolution in the sport.

Kiteboarding lessons Langebaan South Africa
We offer kiteboarding lessons to complete beginners from start to becoming independent kite-boarders for all ages and sizes. BOOK NOW

Advanced Kite Courses and Clinics in Langebaan and Cape Town Kite school 2016 - 2015 seasons
We have two Pro Rider Instructors that will be able to teach you anything from jumping to doing handle passes.
We also do kite clinics for Woman, kids and all in between. BOOK NOW

Kiteboarding Rentals Langebaan / Cape Town 2016 - 2015 season
At Siren we offer good quality, safe and easy to use equipment for renting and also give a full safety brief on the kite spots and the equipment rented. We also offer all ranges to suite all kiteboarding levels from lo-riders to high
flyers. BOOK NOW

Kiteboarding Sales Langebaan South Africa 2016 - 2015
We will bring you the latest equipment to help you progress and move forward while still keeping a high standard in safety and quality.BOOK NOW

Kiteboarding Events 2016 - 2015

We will be hosting a few fun kiteboarding events in Langebaan this coming season and hope for this area of our business to grow in coming years. We will be touching on all disciplines from big airstyle, slider and kicker jams
and also freestyle and racing. Our team has a lot of experience competing on the international circuit and will strive to create events highlighting the true spirit of kiteboarding in all disciplines. We Hope to include other
sports in our events eg. Windsurfing, Skateboarding, SUP, Surfski, Open Water Swimming etc...

Rescue service
We will offer rescue via rubber-duck to free to all guest renting equipment and taking lessons. Free riders will also be able to benefit from this as the service will be available to the public


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We are a kite centre based in Mid Town Langebaan, South Africa. We are ideally located 50 meters from the beach. We are also within walking distance from all shops and restaurants in Town. Most of our Lessons commence at Main Beach & Shark Bay in the shallow, flat waters of Langebaan Lagoon. 

With our team of Pro Riders and IKO Instructors we can help all kiters enter new dimensions of kiteboarding offering lessons in many disciplines:

Coffee and Internet Cafe Langebaan South Africa
We have wifi and coffee available with a chill area for kiters in between sessions located 50 meters from the water. Light snacks and sandwiches will also be served.

Accommodation Langebaan Lagoon South Africa
We have a kite dorm and two double rooms available. We can also reccomend some other suitable places to stay in the area, as well as a booking service.

Kiteboarding Trips Langebaan South Africa
We offer trips in between Langebaan and Cape Town, for Kiteboarding, Airport Pickups and for the Worthwhile Nightlife. On No wind Days we also offer Trips to the Blue Rock Cable Park.

We also will in the future do more extended Kite Trips to Namibia and Mozambique exploring Kite and Surf spots located on the wonderful South African coastline that stretches for more than 2400 kilometers.

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Siren Kiteboarding
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Western Cape, South Africa
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